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Strategies for College Success



A Program for Increasing Postsecondary Success Rates Among Urban Students
funded by the US Department of Education.


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Teacher Support


New: Sample Calendars of Assignments

New: Final Exam Review Sheet - Revised

New: Lesson Plans - To incorporate the 'Success Strategies' into other classes

New: Tips for Faster Grading in Blackboard


Teachers should use the calendar that corresponds with the number of weeks in their institution's calendar to instruct the course. It is important to note that modifications may need to be made to the calendars to fit the unique schedule of the participating institutions' needs (i.e. holidays, breaks, special events etc.) Click here to select and download your calendar.

Supplemental Teaching Supplies

Teachers may use these PowerPoint presentations and handouts to reinforce or review techniques taught in the course Modules and Learning and Motivation Strategies: Your Guide to Success book. Click here to download this material.


Data Collection Forms

Data collection is an essential component of the Strategies course under the FIPSE grant. Here you will find instructions on how to collect the data and also the forms you will need for this purpose. Click here to download this material.


Teacher Training Packet

Teachers should use this packet for training on how to teach the course. Click here to download this material.


Teacher Pacing Charts

Charts teachers can use to stay on track with grading. Click here to download this material.


Daily Slide Shows

Teachers may use these PowerPoint presentations to start and close their classroom. Highlights include: Review of last class activities, Statement of objectives for current class activities, Projection of future activities, Daily Quotes, Module Closing date reminders, Fun tips about college life, and example answers to Module questions. Teachers need only to modify the information that is written in red script, to personalize for their classroom. Click here to download this material.

Blackboard Support for Instructors


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